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Secrets to Passing as a Woman

Posted by Goddess Nemesis Blaze on June 14, 2014 at 8:57 PM Comments comments (0)


You don't have to wait until you are passably feminine to enjoy the benefits of being a woman. However, if you ARE going to leave the house en femme, being able to pass makes it easier to enjoy the perks of femininity without the hassle of confronting people's prejudices. Here are some secrets that will help in passing as female .




One of the best parts of being a girl is a chance to wear sparkly, fluffy, pretty stuff. Unfortunately, most of it will have to be for special occasions or behind clothes doors, since the norm for women's fashion today is “ultra casual.”


Now . If you want to pass, you have to dress to blend in, not stand out. And that usually means wearing casual female attire like sensible dresses skirts now,mans jeans and blouses vot the slutty or over sexed boudoir or fetish outfits. also dress to your age bracket.


Spend a little time observing how women in your area dress. If you are planning to go to a particular bar or shopping mall, check it out first to see how decked out the women are. While you should use this as a baseline for how formally you can dress, it does not mean you also have to look like a frump!


There are still well dressed women out there and your job is to seek them out and determine what sets them apart from the masses.


What you'll probably find is that fashionable women dress simply, but use accessories to make their outfits “pop.” For example, a well dressed woman might wear jeans and a tee-shirt, but she'll wear them with high heels and trendy jewelry, rather than sneakers and a baseball cap.


Just because you can't dress like Cinderella doesn't mean you can't have any fun with fashion! The key is to dress appropriately while throwing in a few fashionable accents.




It's normal to be nervous when you go out en femme, especially if you don't do it on a daily basis. The secret is to feel the “fear and do it anyway” – without letting anybody know you're sweating!


This is where we get into the psychological aspects of crossdressing. Your physical appearance, voice, and movements are all important, but presenting yourself confidently as a woman is at least 25% of the battle. Acting nervous draws attention to yourself and alerts people that there is something “suspicious” about you.


One of the most common things people do when they are nervous is speed up. Their pulses are racing so they start moving, walking, and talking very quickly. I remember this from my years as a professional belly dancer – before I conquered my stage fright, I'd rush through my routine like somebody hit the “fast forward” button.


The secret is to slow down and move at a deliberate pace, despite any nervousness you feel.


Start with your breathing.


When we're nervous, we tend to breath really fast and don't take in enough oxygen. This creates another stress response in the body and can make you feel even more panicky. So take a few slow, deep breaths ... and then slow down the rest of your movements. Walk half as fast as you normally do and take your time when you are speaking.


If it feels like you are moving too slowly, than you're probably doing it right!




No matter how great you look, having a distinctly male voice is one thing that can out you faster than anything else.


Perfecting your female voice is a process that can take years, but our goal is to get you sounding passably feminine as soon as possible. This way, if you ARE confronted with a “Can I help you, ma'am,” you'll be able to answer without blowing your cover. The fastest way to sound more feminine is to model a woman's voice through singing. Here's how to do it ...


Turn on some music and sing along with a female vocalist, preferably one with a naturally deep voice, such as Cher, Pink, or Natasha Bedingfield. Once you are singing in tune and have found a range that feels natural (you don't have to go too high), turn off the music and try speaking in this tone. Keep switching back and forth between singing and speaking until it feels natural.


Not only does this help you develop a female pitch, you will also be able to emulate the breathiness and dynamic range of a woman. (Contrast this to male voices, which are deeper, stronger and more monotonous.)


The reason singing is more effective than just trying to talk like a woman is because singing is a right brain activity. The right side of your brain is associated with creativity and tapping into your “creative brain” can help you master a new way of using your voice much more quickly.


Finally, don't forget that lots of genetic women have naturally deep voices (including yours truly). Don't try to make your voice sound too high. Instead, try to find a pitch that is as low as possible while remaining in a female range.




Wearing women's clothing isn't just about finding something that fits (though that can be a challenge in itself). You need to make sure that the clothes you wear flatter your body, rather than calling attention to the masculine parts you want to hide.


One of the secrets of well dressed women is that they are extremely aware of which clothes flatter their figures and which don't. Fashion is all about creating an illusion that is better than reality.


Crossdressers and transsexuals have very special fashion needs. Some of the body challenges you might be facing include: small hips and a flat butt, a thick waist or beer belly, broad shoulders, a wide chest, and above average height. Here's how to deal with the most common figure flaws:




• Light colors make an area look bigger, so wear dark colors on top and light colors on the bottom to balance out your figure.


• Look for skirts and dresses with gathers at the waist to create the illusion of fullness.


• Try an A-line skirt that flares out at the sides to make your hips look bigger. A THICK WAIST OR BEER BELLY


• Hide your waist by wearing styles with a raised or lowered waistline, such as babydoll tops and drop-waist dresses.


• Look for clothes in maternity stops if you're having a hard time finding clothes that fit your beer belly.


• Avoid tucked in tops if you have a thick waist or protruding gut. WIDE CHEST


• Wear tops and dresses with deep necklines. This creates vertical lines, which have a slimming effect on the torso.


• Try jackets and cardigans (open or closed) to break up a broad looking chest.


• Wear darker colors on top since this visually shrinks an area.




• Avoid sleeveless tops that cut off at the shoulders. Instead, opt for halter tops or short sleeves that fall a few inches from your shoulders.


• Stay away from puffy or structured sleeves that stand away from your natural shoulder line.


• Throw on a shawl to hide your shoulders if you are wearing a sleeveless or strapless dress.




• Wear contrasting colors on the top and bottom to break up your figure. Monochromatic looks emphasize your height.


• Choose clothes with fullness and gathers to make you look less vertical.


• Try wearing big prints to make yourself look shorter.




There are distinct differences between a man and a woman's posture. If you aren't conscious about how you carry yourself, you could be giving the world clues that your feminine exterior isn't what it seems.


One of the major differences between men and women is that men take up more space: they spread their legs, splay their arms, and hunch their shoulders forward. Women, on the other hand, tend to keep their legs together and their arms close to their bodies. Men are also less flexible and this translates into stiff posture, whereas women tend to have better posture and more graceful bodies.


Good posture is the foundation, so let's start there. Imagine that there is a string at the top of your head pulling your body up. Straighten your spine, pull your shoulders back, and suck your stomach in. Keep your knees together! A good standing position is to stand with one leg strait and one leg slightly bent, keeping your feet together. You need to be especially conscious of your posture when you are wearing heels. High feels force the back to sway, which pushes the butt out. Yes, it's sexy, but overexaggerating this position looks ridiculous and is also harmful to your back.




As I stated earlier, confidence is key to passing and there are lots of “clues” that reveal your confidence level to others. A subtle but important way of communicating your confidence is how much eye contact you make.


Most of us try to avoid other people's eyes when we're feeling self conscious. But people who don't make eye contact are perceived as insecure and untrustworthy.


To instantly appear more confident, force yourself to make eye contact when you go out en femme. I'm not saying you need to stare down everybody you see on the street (that could get you beaten up), but when you are interacting with another person, look them in the eye and hold it for a second or two.


If you have a hard time maintaining eye contact in general, practice this while you are in male mode. Most people today are so preoccupied with their cell phones, iPods, and thoughts, that they no longer interact with people they see in public. Next time you're buying groceries or getting coffee, look the cashier in the eye and offer a genuine “thank you.”


There is something magical that happens when you place all your attention on another person, even if it is only for a second. You stop thinking about yourself and all your fears, doubts, and worries suddenly vanish. The moment you stop obsessing about fears, your confidence rises and your passability soars!




Looking feminine can seem like a neverending “battle of the beard.” No matter how close you shave, it only takes a few hours for stubble to show up again.


Electrolysis and lasers are the only permanent solutions, but permanent beard removal isn't practical for everybody. Your temporary options include shaving, depilatories, and tweezing. (Waxing is NOT an option since beard hair is too course and facial skin is too sensitive.)


Shaving is the fastest and easiest way to get rid of your beard, but the downside is almost instant regrowth. Here are a few tips that can help give you a longer lasting shave:


• Exfoliate your beard before shaving. Using a washcloth, scrub your beard using circular motions for about 30 seconds. This raises the hair stubs and allows you to get a closer cut.


• Use a high quality, double or triple blade razor such as Gillette Sensor Excel for Page 8 the cleanest shave possible. For best results, use fresh blades whenever you go en femme.


• Try Aveeno's Positively Smooth Shave Gel, which is specially designed to slow hair regrowth.


• Shave your beard twice: first away from the grain to avoid razor burn and ingrown hairs, and then against the grain using small strokes for an even closer cut.


Depilatories are a great option for the beard since they dissolve hair below the surface of the skin. This makes it less likely to see a beard shadow and buys you time before stubble grows back. Whatever you do, do NOT use a depilatory cream intended for the body on your face. Instead, look for “Magic” brand depilatories at your local drug store, which are specially formulated for men's beards.


Finally, if you want a super smooth face, you can tweeze the hairs out of your beard, one by one. Yes, this is time consuming and painful, but if you absolutely must look your best (such as for a beauty pageant), this is the way to go. Take a hot shower before you tweeze to open the pores and allow the hair to be removed more easily. And be sure to allow your skin to recover for at least 24 hours before applying makeup since it will be irritated from the hair removal.


To prolong smoothness, use a hair inhibitor to slow hair regrowth. These products contain natural enzymes that disrupt hair regrowth when applied to the follicles. They work best when the hair has been removed by the root (such as through tweezing) and should be not used in combination with depilatories. You can find hair inhibitors at most drug stores.




Just as you shouldn't overdress in your daily life, neither should you overdo your makeup. Nothing screams “drag queen” like huge eyelashes, bright red lips, or cherry cheeks. (For example twisted sister,bozo the clown or Tammy Faye Baker ) lol You might feel compelled to hide your masculine features under layers of makeup, but the truth is that heavy makeup is harsh and aging, and can actually make your features look MORE masculine.


A dramatic look is fine for the evening, but most women wear very light makeup during the day. You too will need to master the toned-down look if you want to pass.


Just note that natural makeup doesn't mean NO makeup. Most “bare-faced” models you see on billboards and in magazines are covered in makeup! The secret is to apply makeup in a natural way.


Thick foundation is one thing that can give you a heavily made up look, but it's hard to avoid foundation if you've got a beard shadow to conceal. Rather than covering your beard with layers of foundation, a better approach is to neutralize the beard shadow with an orange toned concealer. This helps “color correct” the blueish tone of the beard shadow without using gobs of makeup.


You can find orange toned beard covers in theatrical supply shops OR you can try this simple trick ...


Get a cheap, orange-toned lipstick that is not too greasy (Wet n' Wild lipsticks are perfect). Dot a tiny amount of lipstick all over the beard and mustache area and blend until you've got a thin, even layer. Your skin should look slightly sunburned, NOT like you've got a Technicolor beard.


Next, pat a layer of foundation or concealer on top of the lipstick. Don't smudge the two layers together or else you will end up with a orange-toned face. Blend the edges of the beard cover with the rest of your face – and viola! Maximum camouflage with minimal makeup.


Your lips, eyes, and cheeks should also be toned down for the daytime. The key is to choose natural looking colors, such as cream, taupe, and brown for the eyes and rosy pinks for the cheeks and lips.




A wig is the single fastest way to transform your appearance and unless you happen to have your own head of thick, luxurious locks (in which case, I'm jealous!), a great wig is one of the best investments you can make.


If you're just getting started with crossdressing or are on a tight budget, your first instinct will probably be to purchase an inexpensive synthetic wig. That's a great way to experiment with different styles, but if you really want to pass, nothing beats getting hair extension fur those who still have their natural hair or go with a human hair wig.


Synthetic wigs, no matter how expensive, rarely look or act like the real thing. Synthetic wigs are made with plastic fibers that tend to stick together, getting tangled quickly. Heat and friction also cause the fibers to frizz, so the wig will need to be replaced frequently.


Human hair wigs look natural because they ARE natural. The other advantage is that they can be styled any way you want, just like real hair. You can even perm or dye human hair wigs and a good human hair wig will last 3-4 years, making it a wise investment in the long run.


Make sure any wig you purchase is labeled as “remy” or “remi.” This means that the wig was made with all the hair cuticles going in one directions, which prevents tangling and gives the wig a smoother look.


Human hair wigs, for all their beauty, do require a lot of care. They must be restyled after each washing, whereas synthetic wigs have their style “baked” into the plastic fibers and tend to hold their shape better.


If you don't have the time or skill to style your wig, a great option is a blended wig. Blended wigs consist of both human and synthetic hair fibers. They look more natural than pure synthetics, but retain their original style better than human hair wigs. as well as USwigs. and have great deals from $30-70 depending on length and style.




Whenever I am trying to guess if a person I see is a genetic woman, I typically only have to look at her hands to get the answer. “Man hands” can be a real tip off if you're not careful.


The bad news is that there is nothing you can do to make your hands smaller, but the good news is that plenty of genetic women also have big hands AND there are a few tricks that can prevent your hands from taking over your image.


The first is to simply draw attention away from your hands. The less your hands are in the spotlight, the less people will notice that they don't match an otherwise flawlessly feminine look. Stay away from bright nail colors and flashy rings and bracelets.


You should also avoid sleeves that end right below the elbow since this highlights the forearms, wrists, and hands. Instead, opt for long or short sleeves.


The next step is to feminize your hands with some good grooming. Most males have rough, weather-beaten hands. You can soften your hands by moisturizing them frequently and protecting them with gloves when doing “dirty work” like fixing your car or mowing the lawn. And of course, you should remove any hair from your hands and knuckles!


Finally, a good manicure can completely transform your look. Slightly long nails will lengthen the fingers and make the hands appear less boxy. Just don't go longer than 1/4” past your fingertips since too-long nails can actually emphasize man hands. Make sure all your fingernails are the same length and file them into an oval shape, using your fingertips as a guide.


If you are going to paint your nails, use a natural color so your fingernails blend into the rest of your hand. Contrasting colors make the fingers look shorter and wider and our goal is to elongate the hands by making the nails look like an extension of your fingers.


If it's not practical for you to grow your own nails out, you can use press on nails. Apply a coat of clear polish to your fingernails first and let it dry completely. This creates a barrier between your own nails and the press on nails, making it easier to remove them later.


As you will soon discover, having long fingernails makes it harder to do things like open car doors or use eating utensils. But this forces you to use your hands in a more dainty way and that can make your feel more feminine:)




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Step 1: Walk The Walk


If there's too much of a lilt in your step… you'll look comical, not feminine. Watch women walk. They're more fluid than men. They glide. Women also take shorter steps. High heels help. They add a little shimmy to your strut. Don't exaggerate the movement.

Step 2: Speak Up


Falsetto a dead give-away. Instead… concentrate on pitch, resonance and annunciation. Pick a pitch just a little higher than your normal voice. Resonance is the timbre in your voice. Male voices have a lower resonance. Find the right one by speaking in the highest falsetto you can. Then find the lowest pitch in that range. Annunciation is the pace of your speech. Men tend to be more clipped. Women tend to curve and soften their speech.

Step 3: Let's Get Physical


80% of communication is nonverbal. Gestures. Movements. Expressions. Feminine women tend to use their hands when they talk. They're more animated with their facial expressions. Just don't overdo it. When standing, place your feet closer together. Shoulders back. When sitting, don't plop down like a guy would. Gently, dear. Practice makes perfect! Watch yourself in a mirror … or have a friend observe.




1. Work your way up. The higher the heel, the greater the challenge, so start with a pair of heels no more than two inches tall. Once you've mastered that pair, you try a higher heel.


2. Practice standing in heels. Before you take your first step, practice your balance by standing in heels. Experiment with different poses as you get used to the added height.


3. Improve your posture. Keep your shoulders back, your spine tall, and your chest forward. Good posture keeps you steady in the highest of heels.


4. Take a few steps. Now you're ready to walk! Take your first steps on a hard surface since carpet can throw off your balance.


5. Point your feet forward. Beginning crossdressers tend to turn their feet out as they walk, so remember to keep both feet perfectly parallel.


6. Keep your legs together. Women walk with their legs close together, so imagine that you are placing each foot along the edge of a ruler - you shouldn't have more than two inches between your feet.


7. Shorten your stride. Big steps can trip you up; instead take small, delicate steps. The higher the heel, the shorter your stride should be.


8. Straiten your legs. Bent knees throw off your balance and look inelegant. Practice walking with strait legs.


9. Challenge yourself. Once you've mastered the basics, try turning in different directions. Take a few steps on different floor surfaces and practice your stride on stairs.


10. Practice makes perfect. Walking in heels is totally different from walking in tennis shoes, so don't expect instant success. Just keep practicing. VIDEO FOR VOICE FEMINIZATION ,


Some of you may find this helpful i have been training mine in a similar manner for a number of years and it works.however it requires steady practice and effort. There are quite a number of ways to feminize your voice. This is just an example of one i am sharing with you all.