Cross Dressing & Transgender Transformations

Inner Woman

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 Visit our private studio, where we will create ultimate feminine beauty and natural stunning looks. There isn't a sign on the door, our exact address is not posted, it's by appointment only, and nobody will be stoping by, unless you request it. Confidentiality, and privacy for all our clients is assured!  Female owned and operated, We are open morning until night!! Whether it be just a part time fetish, or a full time way of life, a beginner or a pro. We offer a range of services to suit your feminine needs. From a private discreet two-hour dressing service, including a complete make over and hair, to a fabulous night on the town. You may even wish to arrive already dressed. If you have a favorite outfit of your own, then feel free to bring it along too. Private parking in the rear of the building is also available.

   When you're ready to cross dress, already have been, or just want to hang out and be pampered all day as your girly self, what you need is our services!  Do you want to be flawless  in public? Maybe you would like to pass as a female in public? Did you want to present more of a feminine image? We have so many available options just for you. We can teach you how to disguise natural male attributes, and how to dress and carry yourself like a woman, and give you great makeup advice. Being believable as a woman requires a considerable amount of practice. If you want to receive admiring glances and compliments, you should consider making an appointment with us today! You'll feel at home with our warm and friendly staff, and it will be like you have known us forever. Tailored to your unique, and individual needs.

We are transformation specialists, and have expertise in helping men explore their feminine side. A place where cross-dressers, transvestites and transgenders are welcome in a discreet, safe & comfortable environment.

  We have had a lot of experience in transformations, and know the positive impact it can have. We also feel there is the need for a totally discreet service.

 "Roses are Red, Violets are blue.  You only live once, So live it for you."

  • Ren - Female-Owner, and I do it all.
  • Erica - Female, (Only Makeup), and part time.